Thursday, April 3, 2008

More Blooming Branches

After the fun with forcing my forsythia into bloom, I decided to try some other blooming branches from my yard. I have no idea what the tree is that these came from. One of the fun things about bringing the branches in is how much more closely I can pay attention to the progress of the opening blooms. These ones, in fact, were prettiest and most interesting right before the blooms opened.

Each bloom cluster started as a single bud, which then opened up into a cluster of chartreuse green balls, each of which later opened up to become a flower. I have a weeping cherry and a regular cherry tree that I want to try next. The daffodils and crocus have all started to open, as well. I love spring flowers!


  1. That is really pretty. I can't wait for my flowers to start blooming. They are on the west side of my house so they bloom later then others in the neighborhood.

  2. Those are bee-yoo-ti-ful!! I seriously can.not.wait for spring!!

  3. wow. Now, I would never think to do that. They look beautiful!

  4. I love your branches. I bet they are going to be just beautiful when they come into bloom to - and I am sure the house will smell - wonderful.


  5. beautiful i have such a thing for branches