Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How're We Doing? Resolution Review

The year is now a quarter of the way over. So, I thought I'd review my progress on my "resolutions" for the year, as well as my March plans.


Had his party. Did not do sleep training due to teething and double ear infections twice. And now he's been febrile and has a stuffy nose. Maybe latter this month? When he WAS well, he was sleeping much better, down to only one waking a night.

We are doing reading time, but everything in her new routine is back to play by ear.

The month was crazy and we just stopped reading together in the evenings cold turkey. Which is too bad, we all really were enjoying it.

Is full board into track again. He's doing pole vaulting! Practice is everyday till 5 or 5:30, and meets till 11, so there hasn't been much time to work on scouts.

Holiday Happenings

Garden Work
Peas are planted, but its been so cold, they haven't come up. They are germinating down in that cold soil, though. I checked! Pruned the butterfly bushes, raspberry canes and red twig dogwood. Tore out holly bush above ground level. Still need to get that stump out...And its been too wet to do any digging.

Make Spring Break Fun and Productive

Bwa ha ha ha! Maybe next year?

And my New Year's Resolutions:

Self Education Course:

Read 3 1/2 of 4 books for my online book clubs
Did some, but not all of the reading for gospel study and Education study
Relearned what I knew in sign before, started teaching Cyrus
Have done several drawings
Was very weak in completing any of the other things.

Family scripture study is still eluding me.

Provident Living
Reviewed and Updated Retirement Portfolio
Did Tax Returns
Turned in MSA receipts in a timely manner
Got clothing put in the 72 hr kits. They are almost done! I need to rotate the food out next week.

House Projects
Did a lot of downsizing: got rid of the baby stuff.
Touched up painted trim
Did some spring cleaning.

Church Service
Same old status quo. Did do a Primary Activity.

Nature Journal

I have 16 entries for the year so far, but no sketches for the month of March.

And I think I must have ADD sometimes. Because, lately I have made the goals of eating healthier and starting exercising again, too. I've exercised twice, but eaten a lot more fruits and veggies, but a lot of Easter candy and girl scout cookies, too. Can you become perfect through brief little spurts of activity?

At our RS birthday party, they read the story of a "perfect" woman, who managed to do everything she should be doing. It really brought home just how unrealistic it is to manage to do it all. So, how am I supposed to approach all this? I feel compelled to keep trying. And for the most part, I don't get discouraged when I don't succeed, because I know I will have some progress eventually. Although there are some things I'm not trying as hard at as others because I have had so little success at them.

Because it is unrealistic to do it all, is it crazy to keep trying to do so many things at once? Should I just let many important things fall by the wayside and really focus on just a few things? If so, what do I let go? Because it all does seem like important stuff, at least to me, if not to anyone else. Am I crazy for even thinking about this?

If you comment on this post, please don't tell me things like "you are doing great" or "wow, you got a lot done." Give me advice. Bless me with your thoughts on this! Please?


  1. Hey cousin!
    I don't blog but I'll confess to lurking. :) We don't see you often living so far away, but I really enjoy reading what you and your family are up to.

    I decided to comment (and delurk!) because I struggle with the exact same thing. I honestly think you are getting getting a ton done, a lot more than me! But if you want advice here it is. I would suggest reading (or rereading) Elder Oaks Good, Better, and Best talk from October Conference. Then decide what things are are on the "Best List" for you and your family. If you can do those "best" things, then you won't feel so guilty about the "good" things you didn't get too.

    Also my mom (your aunt L) gave me some great advice a couple of weeks ago. She was telling me there is a time and a season for everything. She has really gotten into family history, something she didn't have much time for when all us kids were at home. So there are things right now that you'd like to do, but no time, but later on those things can be on the "Best List."

    Anyway good luck with everything!!

  2. i think you are making great progress- keep it up

  3. A little bit goes a long way along the road to perfection. It is when you take one step forward, and two backwards, that you are not progressing. I have no room to talk as I am only good at procrastinating. Be careful with the "there is a time and season for everything". Time waits for no one and I am finding I lack in ambition and energy the older I get. Just keep moving forward Love.

  4. I have found lately that I get overwhelmed. I sit and look at all the things that need to be done and lately I have given up on most things. I lack the motivation to hit the big mountain head on. My DH tells me to take the small hills and work my way up to the mountain. The last couple of days, I have started to climb my first small hill by trying to get my home organized and clean. I will climb the other hills when I am ready.

  5. You are happily married, have five children- the oldest a teenager very involved in life, you are the Primary President, you put your family first, you are accomplishing a ton. Just remember, life is long and it changes as fast as the blink of an eye, as long as everyone is happy and there is love in home, you are doing GREAT! By the way, is it too late to get some raspberry canes?

  6. Don't make yourself depressed worrying about every little thing. Its good that you have goals...the important thing is to enjoy your time with your kids that you have right now, because they'll grow up way too fast!