Sunday, August 5, 2007

Art Class

My two oldest daughters are really lucky to each have a friend their
age that both lives in our neighborhood and goes to church with us.
They have enjoyed spending a lot of time together this summer. Most of
that time has been unstructured fun time, but the mom of my daughter's
friends and I have also tried to give them some structured learning
fun, as well. So, every week they go to their friends' house for
cooking/baking class, and every week they come here for art class.

It has been really fun teaching them art. I've tried each week to teach
them a little art appreciation, talking about art history and focusing
on a different master artist each week. Last week we were learning
about "Abstract Expressionism" and "Action" art, with a focus on
Jackson Pollack. And so our project was, of course, to do a painting in
his style:

They called it "Kitty Slip" because it looked like a kitty slipped through the paint. At the end of summer we will have an art show to show of their work and sample some of their tasty cooking. It should make for a fun evening!


  1. Nettie, what a great idea--lots of unstructured play time along with some structured projects.

  2. That looks like so much fun! With summers like that, they won't want to go back to school! ;)

    I don't think I'll get to come up to see you when you're in town. We're laying the flooring in our home that day. :( Maybe next time! :)

  3. How fun! My kids would love cool are projects like that.

  4. Wow-sounds like so much fun! I wish I could be in your class, or at least come to the fun art show with treats!

  5. You are way to ambitious! You make me tired just thinking about all the work you have done, but what a fun activity for your girls. You are definately making fun memories for them, not to mention art appreciation.

  6. What a great pic. Your kids are really cute. You have such a great blog. I hope I can have such great things to share on my blog.

  7. What an awesome swap of educations! And that looks like the perfect course for summertime!

  8. wow, maybe I should do something like that when my kids are a little older...since I was an art major and all. Have you taken classes in art? Maybe I'd be more motivated to keep it up if I was teaching my kids about it.

  9. Nettie you are such a fun mom!

  10. Tearese, I did take a couple of art classes in college, but I've mostly planned my lessons based on books that are aimed at teaching art and art appreciation to children. You, with your experience and background, would probably make a much better art teacher than I!

  11. Lol! This is such a fabulous idea Nettie!

  12. Is there a house for sell in your neighborhood? I promise I'll teach...something. What a great idea for summer fun.

  13. Yeah, I wanna be your neighbor too! How Fun!