Monday, January 8, 2007

My 2007 New Year Resolutions

They say that one of the best ways to help yourself reach your goals is to make yourself more accountable by telling them to others. What more accountablity can you get than posting them for anyone to see on the internet! So, here are mine this year. My intention is to give regular updates on my progress. (So, if I don't mention them for awhile - call me on them, okay?)

Spring clean and organize my house before the baby comes in March.
I have to determine whether the basement and garage count as part of the house. I have divided up the rest of the rooms of the house and will work on specific areas each week.

After the baby comes, lose my pregnancy weight gain and get into good shape.
This one I won't have to work on for awhile, but I'll need to get a plan in place.

Read scriptures as a family more consistently and effectively.
We've been working on listening to the Book of Mormon during breakfast, but sometimes miss it when the morning isn't going smoothly and we start breakfast a few minutes late. I want to work better on having smoother mornings, and at least once a week, use "Scripture Study for Latter Day Saint Families" to help us better understand and apply what we are listening to.

Use my time more wisely.
This involves limiting my avoidance of getting done the things that really need to get done, because I find blogging, etc. more appealing. I already do less blog surfing and posting than I once did. But, I still need to practice more self control in jumping in and getting my to do list done, instead of looking for ways to put off getting started.

Help my daughters memorize the first 7 Articles of Faith.
This is actually something we are working on with the whole primary and started at the end of last year. They have already passed off the first two and are excited about learning more.

Learn to decorate cakes.
I've always just winged my cake decorating. But, Emily wanted to learn, and so now we are taking a cake decorating class together this month. This is my FUN goal!

So, there they are!


  1. What a great list! We're still trying to work on scripture study time that works. I think you're doing great with your efforts. Good luck getting things organized before the baby is born! :)

  2. Looks like a great list. I'm with you on the first 3. I'm waiting for the nesting thing to kick in and then I'll get the house organized in about 2 days-I won't sleep at all, but it will get done. :).

    Family scripture study seems to always be on my list. We use the BOM reader a lot.

  3. Great ideas. My house was never before (and has never been since) as organized as it was when I was pregnant with my twins. I had everything in it's place and labeled, right down to the kids underwear. I was in so worried I'd have to go on bedrest or get a c-section and someone else would have to sort my laundry or clean my house!

  4. Those sound like some great goals! I hope you get them all done this year. A cake decorating class will be so fun! Especially taking it with E. Good luck with your goals.

  5. Great goals!

    I am with you on the house thing. I am doing my craft room this Saturday (with help from a very organized friend).

  6. Good goals. I like cake decorating, but I want to learn more about it too. I only know basics.

  7. Great list of goals! I've always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes too. Maybe I'll make this a goal of my own.

  8. The cake decorating class sounds like a blast. That is so fun! I sort of wing it too and mine always look like a really good try for a homemade mom cake.