Saturday, April 15, 2006

Signs of Spring or I'm Losing My Mind

We recently discovered a nest of robin eggs in the crook of our weeping cherry tree. It seems this is popular real estate for the birds around here. Last spring a dove took the spot first. Unfortunately, her and her eggs were gone one day. We figure either a blue jay or the neighbors cat found her. Can you believe that Blue Jays steal and eat the eggs of other birds! These definitely belong to a robin whom I did not photograph so I would not scare her with the flash. Hopefully, these ones will make it!

My 6 year old Maddy was so excited about the baby birds she took the masking tape outside to build one of her own. The blue eyes are florets from grape hyacinth, the head is a rock, the beak is from the tips of daffodil leaves, the wings are leaves of lamb's ear and the body is a leaf entirely encased in masking tape as it was "crispy and fragile." Now you, too, can do this fun spring craft!

Oh yeah, and I'm losing my mind. Half way to the zoo I kicked off my shoes and realized my socks did not match. The left one has the spring green stripe around the top that I thought would match the shirt I was wearing. The right does not. I am either losing my brain cells or turning into one of the kids.


  1. Love the picture of the birds nest. And sorry but it made me LOL to see your socks. Kids do steal brain cells that is true.

  2. I love little blue robin eggs in a nest! If that doesn't say "Spring" I don't know what does!

    That was such a creative little project Maddy made! She made use of so many materials. Very cool :)

    As for the socks - they say we eventually turn into our mothers but it certainly feels like we turn into our kids some days, doesn't it? Hee hee.

    Thanks for visiting me and nice to meet you :)

  3. My sister ate a robin egg once. She thought it looked yummy, like those Whoppers Robin Eggs that show up around Easter. She took a big bite and it was DISGUSTING!!!!

    Ew. Makes me sick even to this day!

  4. I love the robin's eggs! We don't get robins here and I miss them!

  5. Cute pics... love the imaginative craft, too! And lol on the sock...

  6. What beautiful eggs!!! We have nesting birds in our bush. It is fun to watch them come and go with twigs and things for their nest. Maddy is so inventive!!! Loved the socks...I hope losing brain cells doesn't run in the family!!! :)